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I HAVEN'T CAUGHT UP TO THE HxH ANIME ALL THE WAY, I'm only at like Episode 88, but I really love your blog as my only source of GonxKillua(-and-related-greatness)! I was wondering what your thoughts were on the development of Killua and Gon's relationship from the beginning of the series to where the anime is now, and maybe what events you think were most important in influencing them? 。◕‿◕。 .。o♡


AAAAH enjoy the upcoming episodes then ;w;!!!! you are in for quite the rollercoaster ride!! but thank you so much aw, i’m glad you love this blog hehe (。;;ω;;。) but i’m actually the worse when it comes to the children, so may i recommend gonkillu (everyting) and gonkiru (nsfw) to you? they’re both A+ blogs with gorgeous posts run by lovely darlings (。♡◡♡。)

anyways. yes. let’s get to the main dish! i’ll only be glossing things over; we’d be here for a really long time if i went more in depth, considering how major their relationship is to the overarching storyline!

(( gon and killua’s relationship, its development and the major events that influenced it; under cut for massive amount of pictures! ))

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Gon’s Dream / artist おまる / Chinese translation

first HxH fancomic translation

I interpreted it as this: after the two separates, this is a moment when Gon came to the realization of how little he has seen of Killua’s quiet suffering.  It’s a moment of growth, and pain and he begins to see how little he has seen when he was with Killua…